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Marital Dissolution | Middlesex County, NJ

Forensic accounting services for marital dissolution in Middlesex County, NJ

Sam Fisher of Middlesex County provides unique skills that allow for valuable support when it comes to divorcing spouses and their attorneys. Couples going through dissolution of marriage should consider hiring a forensic accountant to ensure their finances are handled properly during the stages of divorce.

A dissolution of marriage, unlike a divorce, can eliminate much of the process and expenses of a regular divorce. Dissolution is often treated as a "no-fault" divorce, thus removing the need or issues for any fault grounds.

The request for a dissolution can't be filed until the parties involved have reached an agreement on the issues that would normally be addressed in a divorce. Such as residential ownership, child support, spousal support, visitation rights, property division, and payments of debts and fees. During these negotiations, there is no subpoena available (court power that requires those involved to attend). The parties have to voluntarily partake; however, professionals can be hired to negotiate and evaluate on their clients behalf.

Once an agreement is reached, the hearing must take place within 30 to 90 days. Both parties are required to appear, and testify that the agreement is satisfactory. They must also testify that they have disclosed all assets and liabilities, sign the agreement, and claim that they both want the marriage dissolved. The agreement must also be approved by the court.

As the court is not involved until a solution is reached, all of the temporary orders, and hearings normally in a divorce case are avoided. Regardless of the choice between a divorce or dissolution, the marriage is terminated.

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"Our company needed an audit of our financial statements in order to maintain our funding. Knowing that our books were not in the greatest shape, I contacted Sam. He and his staff did a great job in straightening out our books and getting the audit done in a timely and professional manner."

E. Avraham
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"Sam Fisher has been our personal tax accountant for the past ten (10) years. By finding us tax breaks that our previous accountant never considered, we were able to recover thousands of dollars by filing amended returns. We have been using Sam's services ever since, and he continues to find us tax savings opportunities."

S. Kurzweil

"In our law practice, we see many clients who have severe tax problems and tax deficiencies. I have referred a number of these clients to Sam Fisher who has consistently handled these cases in an expedient and professional manner. Most importantly, he has often saved my clients thousands of dollars in taxes by utilizing his knowledge and experience in tax law to their benefit."

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