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Form 1099 Filing Requirements

Form 1099 Filing Requirements: What you need to know.

The IRS works constantly to improve income reporting by taxpayers. One tool they employ is requiring businesses to file “information returns” that tell the IRS about amounts the business paid out that should be reported by the recipients as income.

Probably the most familiar of these information returns is the Form W-2 which reports wages paid to employees. Another information return is Form 1099, which is actually a group of more than a dozen different forms that report other types of income to the IRS.

Recently the IRS ramped up its compliance efforts by asking businesses to answer questions about their 1099 filings when they file their income tax returns. This added IRS scrutiny, coupled with steep noncompliance penalties, make it important for every business to check their 1099 filing requirements each year.

Here’s what you need to know about Form 1099 and the filing requirements your business may have.

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