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Client Referrals

C. Thomas President and CEO Accountant Testimonials & Referrals NJ We've been helping clients improve their businesses, pay the least tax according to the laws, and strengthen their financial stability through quality accounting services. Here are some examples of just how they feel about have us as their business partners: "Our company was experiencing a severe cash flow problem due to a delay in collecting on a major account receivable. As a result, we became delinquent in our payroll tax deposits to the IRS, threatening our continued existence. Sam Fisher successfully negotiated a terrific settlement with the IRS, reducing our debt to one quarter (1/4) of the original sum. Thanks to Sam's efforts, our doors remained open and our business continues to grow."

E. Avraham President, CEO Accountant Testimonials & Referrals NJ "Our company needed an audit of our financial statements in order to maintain our funding. Knowing that our books were not in the greatest shape, I contacted Sam. He and his staff did a great job in straightening out our books and getting the audit done in a timely and professional manner."

Raymond A. Brown, Jr. Esq. Newark, NJ Accountant Testimonials & Referrals NJ "In our law practice, we see many clients who have severe tax problems and tax deficiencies. I have referred a number of these clients to Sam Fisher who has consistently handled these cases in an expedient and professional manner. Most importantly, he has often saved my clients thousands of dollars in taxes by utilizing his knowledge and experience in tax law to their benefit."

S. Kurzweil Realtor Accountant Testimonials & Referrals NJ "Sam Fisher has been our personal tax accountant for the past ten (10) years. By finding us tax breaks that our previous accountant never considered, we were able to recover thousands of dollars by filing amended returns. We have been using Sam's services ever since, and he continues to find us tax savings opportunities."